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Ladies and gentlemen!


 OOO "Elit-Master" produces polished slabs of natural stone Travertine on their own equipment.

   The company's mission: "Through the beauty of each house to create harmony in the world, using natural stone Travertine".

     Travertine - a special breed of sedimentary origin, occupies an intermediate position between the limestone and marble. The largest architectural projects built using travertine is the Colosseum, whose walls are also made of cement and marble.

      The colors of travertine have quite a rich and varied range, including light, almost white and bright red and yellow colors. The last - a special kind of travertine, which contain particularly bright pigments. The use of these colors will help you to create a warm and comfortable interior, which in this case is extremely practical in use.

    Tiles made of travertine - is an option for those who prefer originality and brightness in home interiors. Mosaics made of travertine, will be exquisite decoration of your home and add to it a touch of exceptional style. Bright colors and intricate patterns will help to fill your home with warmth and atmosphere of natural special comfort. The use of travertine in combination with plaster similar or contrasting colors opens up unlimited potential for the most daring design fantasies.


     Sincerely Team, OOO "Elit-Master"

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You can check the price of product from supplier by telephone number.
You can check the price of product from supplier by telephone numbers
+(99894) 6503320
+(99895) 1463050
+(99890) 3470994
or by writing a letter to them